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Piano Tuning & Instrument Repair

As an instrument in good repair is vital to its study, students at Blossom Music School are given access to piano tuning and instrument repair services

at special student prices.

Piano Tuning

  • First time tuning package (includes two visits)  $125.

    • First visit: inspection, minor repairs, and full tuning.

    • Second visit: as pianos that have not been serviced regularly tend to have more difficulty holding their tune, a second visit approximately 30 days after the initial visit to check and retune any wayward pitches is included at no extra charge.

  • Follow-up tuning  $100.

    • Once a piano’s tuning has stabilized, it should be tuned at least once a year. Regular tuning and maintenance will make a substantial difference both in the ongoing value of your piano and the pleasure of those who play it.

Instrument Repair

  • Many instrument repairs can be done quickly and affordably. As each job is unique, please ask me about your instrument.

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