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Celebrating Our First Online Month!

April 25, 2020

In over thirty years of teaching, I have always enjoyed the uniqueness of each student and the challenges of providing each individual a quality music education. 

Now the COVID-19 pandemic has brought new obstacles, yet we power on with creativity and a deeply caring effort to bring everything we need to continue succeeding. Today, we are celebrating four weeks of online music lessons!


I am impressed with my BMS families for their patience and willingness to make the adjustments necessary to continue their music education. While I miss our in-person sessions, I am thrilled to be able to continue to teach, and for my students to be able to continue to grow their skills and feelings of accomplishment.


I am researching and learning more all the time about effective online teaching, and I am currently working on creating a virtual version of our annual Spring Recital. It will be different, but it will be fun!

As things develop, I am adding new information and functionality to the Blossom Music School website. I hope you will stop by often to see what’s new!

Kim Blossom

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Blossom Music School

is going online!

March 20, 2020


Difficult times call for heart and creativity. Happily, these are things our music family has in robust supply!  Our musical journey may have hit an obstacle, but we are intrepid travelers, and we are not easily undone.

I’m looking forward to the challenge of continuing to bring quality music education to my students. We simply need to make adjustments to keep each other safe. Let’s endeavor together!

I do have some experience in this arena. I taught fully online writing courses at Umpqua Community College (Roseburg) and Southwestern Community College (Coos Bay) for years, and I earned Quality Matters certification in creating and delivering online course material and interacting with students through Internet portals.


Teaching music will be different, but I love a challenge. As we move forward, your thoughts are essential!  Please join our new BMS community forum to connect with each other and share ideas, photos, frustrations, and questions about online music lessons.

Kim Blossom



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