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Frequently Asked Questions

What are you doing about the COVID pandemic?
A new, safer school building is in progress and will be ready for in-person instruction this May, 2021.  The old downtown BMS building is now closed, but I am teaching fully online at present.  If you would like to meet online to talk about lessons, please make an appointment for a free consultation through the contact page, or call or text (541) 537-1385
Do you have any openings?
Availability of lesson times varies. Please contact me to see if there are currently any openings.
How much do you charge?
What ages do you teach?
I enjoy teaching all ages.  Generally, it is best for young students to have completed kindergarten. They’ll need to know the alphabet, be able to count to ten, and feel comfortable spending 30 minutes in one place.   
Tuition includes books, supplies, recital/party/performance fees, and custom arrangements for students and family. Once enrolled, your tuition cost is fixed and will not rise. For weekly 30-minute sessions in any of the courses offered, tuition is $180 per month. For 60-minute sessions, tuition is $360 per month.
Can I be there with my child during lessons?
Yes! You can always see and hear your student in lessons. You are welcome to sit in the small indoor waiting area or outside the window on the porch bench while lessons progress close by.  Keep in mind that students may have preferences about your proximity as well. 
Can students change or add instruments?
Changing instruments or adding instruments is easy. We can transition from one instrument to another, alternate instruments on a weekly basis, or set up additional lesson time for added instruments. 
What if we need to stop lessons?
As is true with any worthwhile endeavor, learning to play an instrument takes time, effort, and patience. Students should enroll with an intention to continue for at least six months before deciding to change instruments or to discontinue lessons altogether.  While thirty-days notice is required when discontinuing lessons, students are not bound by contract for extended periods.  Summer break is allowed without tuition penalties, but more than two month's absence voids the tuition freeze. 
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